Ultra Pure has been working hard to offer a new extraction solvent alternative.

Our team has just launched BotanaSolv™200, a blend of 200-proof grain alcohol with 5% high purity n-heptane. These ingredients have been safely used for many years for botanical extraction and edible oil recovery. Using the BotanaSolv™200 blend does not require a special permit to ship and is Federal Excise Tax free.

Marketing Information

Starting Product

  • 200 Proof USP Grade Alcohol


  • Using the highest quality 200 Proof USP Grade Alcohol, we then blend it
    with the 5% High Purity n-Heptane


  • Lower cost highest purity botanical extraction solvent alternative
  • No permits are required to purchase
  • Not subject to the Federal Excise Tax
  • Same performance as pure alcohol for most applications
  • Thousands of dollars of savings per containers versus purchasing
    pure ethanol


  • Heptane has a higher boiling point than ethanol,
    which may result in higher energy costs.
  • Residual solvent testing must be conducted on finished product.
  • Consult with your equipment supplier to ensure a quality extraction
    will be reached without much change to your processes.

Product Specification and Availability

  • The BotanaSolv™200 offering is available in drum, tote and bulk tanker
    quantities in North America from Ultra Pure LLC.
  • Packaged product is available to ship next business day from our
    St. Louis, MO facility.
  • Lead time to your facility, at most, should be 5 business days
    depending on your location.
  • CoA provided with every delivery.